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  School Location New Head/Leader
1. Madison Country Day School Madison, WI Ben Hebebrand
2. North Park Elementary School Chicago, IL Randy Needlman
3. Washington Episcopal School Bethesda, MD Danny Vogelman
4. Evergreen Country Day School Evergreen, CO Brad Davies
5. Notre Dame High School New Haven, CT Robert Curis
6. Grace Episcopal School Alexandria, VA Patti Culbreth
7. Eastside Catholic School Seattle, WA Jack Kennedy
8. St. Edmond's Academy Wilmington, DE Brian Ray
9. Countryside School Champaign, IL Stephanie Harman
10. St. John’s Catholic Prep Frederick, MD In Finalist Stage
11. Katherine Thomas School Rockville, MD Pam Kaizar
12. Peoria Academy Peoria, IL Cheryl Murzyn

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