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10 April 2015
Independent Education Board President Jim Neill Announces Dr. Richard Jung as Executive Director
The Independent Education Board of Trustees has announced the selection of their new Executive Director.  Dr. Richard (Dick) Jung has joyfully accepted their offer to join Independent Education as the next ... Read More

Assisting Boards with their most important duties: Head/Executive searches and Board development

"Do we ever, Dick! (feel the investment with you to be worthwhile, that is.)

Not just worthwhile. Priceless.

What you're helping the school carry out is focusing us, maturing us, invigorating us in a way that few would have thought possible.

And, you're great to work with to boot!

Thank you."

Kirk McAlexander, Search Committee Chair
The Tidewater School, Huntington, MD

“Please accept my thanks for facilitating such a great session on Friday night.  I think the discussion on good governance was great, we got what we needed out of the committee discussion, and the ‘strata” exercise was excellent.  It was so great to have you in another board meeting.  Let’s stay in touch.

John Donoghue, Chair
Beauvoir’s Board of Governors